Conversation with Stone #2

by Katarina Skår Lisa

Mosmoscow International Art Fair 2019





Conversation with Stone #2 is a performance by Katarina Skår Lisa based on her ongoing project concerning the heritage and spiritual bonding with the landscape where Lisa carries family roots.

The work was first presented at the cultural- historical site Ceavccageađge in Várjjat- Sápmi /Norway, in 2018, with Tanja Thorjussen and Thale Fastvold, in relation to the exhibition of Thorjussen; Sieidi- Transteinen og Tupilaq at Vadsø kunstforening.

At Cosmoscow International Art Fair, in 2019,  Lisa seek to revisit the work that has deep anchor in a specific Sámi landscape, while also looking for the sensitive atmosphere of Várjjat in a gallery setting.

Reflections by Olga Ivannikova, after witnessing Conversation with Stone:

“ And, as I thought, She danced the way Home;
the story about no matter where she went, the stones from her home where her shoes.

The desire to always carry her Place with her to walk on her land went through the performance that ended in complete freedom.

Katarina has accepted her Homeland in herself, in her surroundings, and she had literally come to this. And nothing would have happened if this seemingly painful stage had not been completed. A story told by the body. “


    Katarina Skår Lisa


Ramona Salo

Stone shoes by:

Oscar Eriksen Furunes


Johan Sara


orgrim Halvari

Artistic support in Moscow:

 Marita Isobel Solberg


Valeria Titova

Curated by

Locus, for the group exhibition

With warm thanks to

Locus and OCA- Office for contemporary art and the Russian embassy in Norway for invitation and support



conversations with stone performance BY  katarina lisa