Katarina Skår Lisa


Katarina Skår Lisa is an educated choreographer, dancer and teacher who through artworks conveys the relationship between poetry, art, and nature.

She lives in Nesodden, a half-island outside Oslo, but frequently she is finding her “home” in the very north of Norway, in Varjjat / Varanger in the Sami area of Finnmark.

Here she makes relational inquiries towards the land and to her Sea Sami family heritage that she carries through her father’s roots.

In her recent project ‘Gift of Stone’, she explored what ‘ good relations ‘ means to and with landscapes and intangible cultural heritages, seen from an indigenous worldview.

She aims to broaden perspectives and knowledge about Sea Sami culture by investigating what a Sea Sami artistic language could be today.

Katarina often relates to specific locations to research outdoors and her practices to perform and create are shared through choreography, dance, performance art, photography, and sometimes poetic writings.

By choosing to perform in certain locations she feels a closer bond to the essence of the place, it becomes relevant and alive for its memory and for the creation of new collective experiences.

The outside/ the inside / the microcosmos / the macrocosmos becomes the ground to look at interdependency in an inclusive way.


With other artists

Katarina highlights interdisciplinary works, and she collaborates with artists regardless of specialization and cultural background.

She has collaborated with several multidisciplinary artists, amongst others Kyuja Bae with their duet Eye of Tree (KO/NO), Resound City Art lab initiated by Ivan Chaparro (CO), Butoh-laboratorium in Oslo (KO/NO), herStay (NO), Håkon Vadstein (NO), Azusa Itagaki (JP/SE), performance and visual artist Veronica Bruce (NO), textile and visual artist Kiyoshi Yamamoto (JP/BR), performance artist Amelia Beavis- Harisson (UK) and Eirik Slyngstad (NO), costume designer Rufus Backman Ossandon (SE), videographer Tsuyoshi Ishihara (JP), photographer Alex Apt (IS), visual artist Ida Høyklev Ribu (NO), composer and performance artist Liv Kristin Holmberg (NO), Åsmund Kaupang (NO), designer Ramona Salo (NO/ Sapmi), Johan Sara jr. (NO/ Sapmi), photographer Torgrim Halvari (NO / Sapmi) and photographer Alex Apt (IS), composer- and choreographer Simen Korsmo Robertsen (NO), ceramics artist Mingxuan Tan (Kina), designer Nataliia Korotkova (RU), the curatorial duet LOCUS (NO), Yohei Hamada and many more.

Other Accomplishments

by katarina skår lisa

 Katarina Skår Lisa has together with Tuva Selmer- Olsen arranged MAIDANS Dance Festival in Lørenskog from 2014-2016.

A festival that aimed to raise awareness for contemporary dance and performance to the local area of Lørenskog municipality.

Scholarships received are amongst other scholarship for choreographers (Norwegian Dance Association -NODA) 2021, Norwegian Art Council diverse scholarship for newly educated artists (2020), Norwegian Art Council scholarship for younger, established artists (2017-2019), Diversestipend (2014), Lørenskog municipality art grants (2012 and 2016)